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This was a letter to the Editor but because of it's length and subject matter we've decided to put it on this page.

Third Time's A Charm

A SSBBW CHARM! Hi ladies. I'm a SSBBW loving guy. I hope you post what I'm writing. I've been married twice before and thought I was happy. Wife #1 was 5'-6", 38EEE-26-36 and about 140-ish -- wow! I was head over hills in love with her...I thought. Wife #2 nearly the same but a bit 'fluffier'. 5'-4", 36DD-32-38 and a nice full sexy 180-ish. Not really shapely according to what society would consider shapely but I didn't care. I was IN love with this woman. Unfortunately she did care what society thought of her size. I lost nearly a third of my wife when she went on this mega exercise format and got down near 120-ish or so. Her voluptous figure melted away and so did my desires and our affections toward each other. There I was unhappy and in search of a lady to fill the void in my life and in my heart. I tried those Barbie Doll babes and that didn't work. I tried other acceptable society chosen women and that was a zero too. Finally, thanks to the internet, standing at 5'-2", the most beautiful woman I've ever seen enters my life. AND she is just fine being who she is and her appearance. Short and 'super' full figured 46EE-44-48 and deliciously in the mid 200's. I absolutely KNOW I'm in love now. I figured before I was just in 'lust' and searching for "my" perfect woman/lover/life partner. My first two wives were what I thought I should be with cuz society mandates what a "drop dead gorgeous woman" should look like. And I tried to conform to what society was trying to dictate for me, but it just didn't work. I was not happy at all. I needed to find my SSBBW and let love take it from there.

Reflecting on the three ladies I've mentioned I must say in review, my love, my babe, posseses one trait that my first two wives didn't have. My love of today [and forever] "knows" she is a gorgeous beautiful woman just as she is. She is confident and sure of herself and about herself. Yes I love the feel of her in my arms and our times being intimate are beyond amazing. But I love her for the woman she is and she knows she is. She's the most beautiful woman God ever put on this planet. And she knows that about herself. And she knows that she's found "her" man that loves and appreciates her for being "her". NOT just the 'package' she is wrapped in. I love this woman so much and yes I was attracted to her appearence when I first saw her. But her confidence and belief in herself and who and what she is and knowing her body size is a small factor of her beauty, just pulled me into her life and I couldn't help but fall in love with her.

Society plays such a cruel joke on you women. Twiggy and Barbie are NOT real. Being who and what you are is being "real". Thank you for this magazine. This media. This venue of voice for those woman that are "a few extra pounds" or a BBW or even those beautiful SSBBW's out there. I love all of you. But in all honesty my true and only love is MY Babe of today and I pray forever. My heart is totally and completely 210% hers. And hers mine. And now I "know" what is is really like to truly be "in LOVE" with the woman of my dreams. I've found the most "drop dead gorgeous woman ever" and she's mine. ALL mine. I love her. She loves me. We're IN love with each other and now, I'm "finally" happy. FINALLY and truly completely happy. I was searching for my SSBBW love of my life and I found her. Amen.

Submitted by: "T.C." from New Mexico

"Thanksgiving Day is a jewel, to set in the hearts of honest men; but be careful that you do not take the day, and leave out the gratitude."
~E. P. Powell
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~James A. Garfield

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