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Hey there everyone. I'm Gabby and I'm going to be taking your questions now. I hope I can be of help to all you amazing readers, so please don't hesitate to let me know what is bothering you.

Now keep sendin' in those letters to me at and make sure you mark it Attention: Dear Gabby.

Dear Gabby

I'm a 24 year old BBW, have a great job, good friends,a loving family but, alas, no boyfriend. I've gone to different parties, bars, and events with my friends; they've hooked up with guys (some long-term ; some even marriage) but not me. I've recently started trying on-line sites but it seems like all the guys are looking for one thing only. Am I right?

Signed, Baffled and Lonely

Well, my baffled friend, you are mostly right. Let's face it, a good (maybe even really good) number of these guys are total dogs looking for a BBW booty-call. Now, I'm all for booty-calls (I've even made them myself) as long as that is what both parties are looking for.

You can find some good people on these sites, however,it might be like finding the proverbial prince by kissing the frog.

Listen to that little voice in you! If after chatting for abit and they are in your area, then go for what I call a meet and greet. Somewhere publi