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FAs (Fat Admirers) and their views, thoughts and issues

What is is like being an FA in today's society. What are the joys of living/being with an SSBBW. Are there drawbacks? Let us know at

Interviews with FAs

Each issue we try to introduce you to an FA. We know there are 1000's of good men in the world who are attracted to SSBBWs. We've seen some of them in previous issues. Right now though all the other FAs are being shy. If you are an FA and want our SSBBWs to know how beautiful and sexy they are, then please send us a message. Or perhaps you know of a wonderful FA with great views that the world should know about. Email us at

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This month our FA is George, a 43 year old from Arlington Heights, Illinois

SSBBW Magazine: How long have you been an FA?

FA: I think that I've admired and appreciated SSBBW's all my life. When I was very little, maybe 6 or 7 years old, I had this baby sitter that had a gorgeous, voluptuous, beautiful pear-shaped figure and I remember trying to steal glances - I was a little shy as a kid - out of utter fascination. I was absolutely mesmerized by her ample beauty. So, yeah, I've been an FA as long as I can remember.

SSBBW Magazine: Have you always been open with family/friends about being attracted to large women or did you try to hide it?

FA: It's been easy to be open because in the culture that I grew up in, Cuban-American, big and curvy was definitely better when it came to women's figures. And Cuban moms and grandma's always wanted to make you something delicious to put some meat on your bones. So it wasn't something I had to hide or be ashamed of. In fact, my mom or dad would often point out the bigger girls in my neighborhood or school or among our friends as potential girlfriends.

SSBBW Magazine: What attracts you to SSBBWs?

FA: Aside from my admiration of the soft, round, curviness of the SSBBW's figure I'm drawn to the fact that they often have a better sense of themselves and confidence than women with what I'll call more 'socially conventional figures' (for lack of a better term). Maybe it's because they may have faced some adversity or lack of acceptance growing up that molded them into better adjusted women as adults and more secure in their own identity. But there's definitely a more relaxed feeling to being with an SSBBW that I prefer and appreciate. I feel that the relationship can be more transcendent in a way, there's less obsessing it seems.

SSBBW Magazine: What is your ideal woman?

FA: My ideal woman is smart, sexy, confident, comfortable with herself and therefore able to love and accept others on their own terms.

SSBBW Magazine: What are the joys of being with an ssbbw?

FA: Well, because of my incredible attraction to the SSBBW figure one of the joys is absolutely fantastic sex. I've never been able to experience the joy and utter pleasure of making love to an SSBBW that I care about with a smaller woman. It just doesn't work for me. Aside from sex, there's the ease and happiness of being with somebody who's self-confident, loving, accepting and very giving in every way.

SSBBW Magazine: What are the drawbacks?

FA: I don't know of any, or at least I haven't encountered any in my past relationships. There may be some adjustments that need to be made, for instance the question of seating on a plane or other public transport, but I don't consider these serious drawbacks. I'm more than happy to help us find a way to deal with those things. I suppose that there may be medical issues in some cases but I didn't encounter those as a serious obstacle in my previous relationships.

SSBBW Magazine: If your woman wanted to have weight loss surgery would you support her? Stay with her?

FA: If you love someone you want them to be happy. So if my woman came to be about wanting to have weight loss surgery and after discussing it I felt comfortable that she had considered all the relevant factors, risks, and potential issues and that she had realistic expectations for what it could deliver then I'd have to support her. If she's my lady then she deserves my love and support regardless.

SSBBW Magazine: If your woman was unable to leave the house or needed constant care and help because of her size, would you be there for her?

FA: Yes, I'd be there to soothe her, care for her, and nurse her back to a state where the quality of her life would improve. Even if I had to feed her, clean up after her, help her to her man it would be my loving duty to do these things.

SSBBW Magazine: Is there such a thing too big?

FA: 'Too big' is really a question of how it impacts her comfort and quality of life. It really depends on her perspective in terms of what she wants out of life. If her size if preventing her from enjoying and living the life she desires then her size is probably 'too big.'

SSBBW Magazine: What would you like to say to all the SSBBWs reading this?

FA: You are beautiful, don't sell yourselves short or otherwise think that you have to settle in any way. There are plenty of guys that appreciate your beauty. Some are shy, others may be in denial, but eventually they'll come to their senses. Be proud, confident, and just be yourselves. Get out there and live to the fullest of your ability. (I don't come across enough of you on a daily basis so I really want you to get out more).

SSBBW Magazine: What would you like to say to all the FAs reading this?

FA: Be real. I hope you're being real and not playing games. These ladies deserve much better and they'll eventually see through you if you're not sincere. And for those of you who are kinda 'in the closet' or in denial, man up and stand up for what you desire or believe in. Being honest will feel much better than hiding it from friends and family.

SSBBW Magazine: What would you like to say to those just reading this out of curiosity about the SSBBW / FA community?

FA: Don't treat this community as a curiosity. We aren't oddities or otherwise strange. These ladies are very beautiful - just ask the artist Botero or the painters of the renaissance - and we FA's are very appreciative. If you don't agree, then that's your opinion, you're entitled to it, but don't judge others by your standards.

He also says: I'd like to thank you for the privilege and opportunity to give my views. If your readers would like to ask any follow up questions or just say hi they can reach me on

SSBBW Magazine: Thank you George.

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"A man's work is from sun to sun, but a mother's work is never done. "
~Author Unknown

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