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Welcome to summer my friends. Please donít be afraid. Today we are going to go shopping for summer clothes, a new do and some stylish shades.

Ladies, you want to shop for some colors. Please donít be afraid of color. A good place for some Tís is Woman Within and Romanís. You can pick up an assortment of colors and styles, and in my case, I like them to be about 30Ē to 32Ē long.

Next on your list is some cute Capriís, and make sure you like the material. If you are not comfortable you wonít be looking cute. Fashion does not have to hurt.

Shades and a new swim suit are all is lacking. Your new shades should fit you comfortably and donít spend too much money on something we lose or break within weeks. You would be surprised what you can find at the smaller discount stores.

Lastly, your swim suit. Ok breathe, you can do this. Here is the best advise I have ever gotten on this subject. Make sure YOU are happy with it. If you want to cover up more, like me I get a swim dress it has extra material to cover my stomach, hip, and booty. There are so many choices it will blow your mind. I found a good place to get a suit and not have to spend too much money on something you will not wear too long. Try E-Bay!I just bought a suit for $4.99 plus shipping.

This is a good time to put some highlights in your hair to give it a bit of brightness.Summer is a fun time to get some girlfriends together and try that color you might have seen in the drug store. Maybe even trade painting each others nails. That left hand can be tricky. A fresh start to summer and maybe a new cut to frame your face. You're going to look great.

I look forward to walking the fashion road with you; being brave trying new things and embracing the inner-outter beauty we all have.

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Written and submitted by: Peggy Johnson

We are currently recruiting for an Fashion/Beauty Editor. If you love shopping for clothes, buying/using beauty products, etc. and have a few hours a month to spare this could be a great position for you. Our Fashion editor would provide content on a monthly basis for the Fashion section of the magazine, including but not exclusive to clothing, ssbbw friendly stores, beauty products/services, etc.

All applications for the above position should be emailed to Please include in your application your full name, location (city, state/province, country), a valid email address, the reasons you think you would be a good fit for this position and a sample of your writing. This position should only require a few hours per month of your time.

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