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Information and rants about living in the real world as an SSBBW

As SSBBWs, we live in a world built for smaller people. Each day we face challenges to fit in, or even to just fit. While education and information are powerful tools, our best resource is each other. Let us know your tips or rants about this subject at

SSBBW Profile

Each month we try to profile an SSBBW to help inspire those SSBBWs who haven't yet gotten that they are wonderful, caring, sexy, special people. We are always looking for more great and wonderful SSBBWs that feel they can be an inspiration to others to be profiled. Send us a mail if you are interested!!

Dear Gabby

Click here to see our new resident advice columnist come to the aid of three individuals.


The Real Women Summit

On June 26-28, 2009, Chicago will see the biggest plus size convention for women in the United States. The Real Women Summit is the uniting, strengthening, and revolutionizing of the plus size woman in America. For years, plus size women (sizes 12+) have been made to feel as though they are the minority in society through mind altering conditioning by mass media, but NO MORE!

The 1st Annual Real Women Summit will be held June 26-28, 2009 in Chicago, IL. The weekend will be packed with excitement, including workshops, motivational speakers, an expo, discussion panel, fashion show and much more. The Real Women Summit is an innovative and interactive event experience designed to empower, strengthen, and unite plus size women across the US as well as introduce them to life changing resources to better their daily lives.

The Real Women Summit will feature twenty-four (24) Signature Models from across the US, with scheduled appearances by award winning International poet and actress Sonya Renee, plus model and actress Christina Mendez, spoken word artist Tamara Blue (of Def Poetry Jam fame), Chicago native musicians Spq-Her, and a host of others. There will also be events hosted by The Real Women Summit Signature Models in major cities across the US. More information available about these events will be available at or

About Ms. Kimberly Dale - At the tender age of 22, Ms. Kimberly Dale is the epitome of blessed. She is the CEO of Upper Echelon Chicago, LLC, an umbrella company that houses numerous facets of services in the Chicagoland area. As a model, motivational speaker, graphic and web designer, author and aspiring actress, the world will be seeing much more of Kimberly Dale in the future. More information can be found at or

Obesity In the News.....

Obesity tax? Paterson plan is unreasonable and unwise -

Obesity expert goes to war on Subway - Call to cap number of the chain's fast-food outlets in the Republic -

Obesity 'controlled by the brain' -

Virus may play role in obesity -

Amish May Hold Gene Mutation To Combat Obesity -

Teen smokers are more likely to experience obesity as adults -

"A New Year's resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other."
~Author Unknown

"New Year's Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual."
~Mark Twain

Letters to the Editor...

We've received a few letters to the editor lately and would like to post them here. If you have anything to say we'd love to hear from you too, so send us an email.

"Hey, I am a latin FA and let me tell you, when I arrive to New York from my country Chile I was impressed because there are so much Big Beautiful women and I said this is my country. I realy would like to say samething in your magazine -- my name is Hernan and I live in New York and I love BBW and SSBBWs. And I am looking for someone lovely that love how I am. (" [Hernan]

"I am a 34 year old SSBBW residing in Texas. I began reading SSBBW Magazine a few months ago, and find it not only inspiring, but empowering. My favorite parts of the magazine are The Funny Bone, An FA's View, FA Quotes of the Moment, and the links which have helped me improve my wardrobe!" [Jennifer]

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