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The Big Question

Being a 34 year old, 5'10, 370+ lbs, single gal makes life interesting to say the least. Besides the fact that I hate having to buy two tickets on an airplane to travel, life is pretty good. I do have a big question for you ladies out there; Where oh where can a SSBBW buy fashionable clothing at an affordable price?

Don't get me wrong, we've come a long way from the years I wore highwater pants due to the fact that no manufacturer made SSBBW long jeans for us tall ladies. But, I've never been satisfied with what's been available online or offline. I've come across many designers online who make gorgeous clothing. Most of the clothing, however, I simply cannot afford.

After years of searching, I've found some online and offline stores that work for me. This is not a paid endorsement of any kind, or denouncing any SSBBW store, I just want to share information.

Old Navy has an online women's plus size section, sizes 16 to 30. I particularly love their jeans. I check regularly and come across sales where I can purchase a pair of fashionable jeans for $19.99 plus shipping, which totals out to about $30. To top it off, their sizes run big! At, I wear a size 26 long. I've purchased a pair of 24 long before and thought I was going to die from my ample tummy being turned into a stuffed sausage. However, after a few minutes of stretching, the jeans fit me just fine.

Lane Bryant has online, offline and outlet stores across the country. To me their sizes run small, none of their bottoms fit me, but I am able to find a few items that I love. Their Smooth Balconette Bra is to die for. Any ladies out there ever been assaulted by their bra's underwire? Not very comfy, especially when you purchased your bra the week before. This bra's construction is rock solid. It lifts breasts and is slightly padded, which makes for a smooth flattering silhouette. Sizes ranges in size from 36C to 44H. If the outlet store doesn't have my size available, I buy a few bra extenders, $8 for three, and away I go! I've added three extenders at a time and it works just fine. I find this bra at the Lane Bryant outlet for $22. An online purchase will run you anywhere from $30 to $40 plus shipping. To me, the investment is worth it.

Lane Bryant has two more items that I find flatter my figure: tees and knit tops. Lane Bryant carries an ample amount of these items. Sometimes they label them as tunics, sometimes they don't. Personally, I prefer tops that are 30 inches or longer. I find it more comfortable than the standard 28 inch length. The things I love most about these tops are the short sleeve length, (which is just long enough to hit your elbow), the fact that they don't seem to shrink or lose their shape and color after a washing, and the fact that they stretch. The cost about $35 online, which to me is a little pricey. I check the sales section frequently because size 30/32 is a hot commodity.

So there you go; pants, bras, and tops that work for me. I know everyone who reads this wonderful magazine isn't the same size. Some of us are smaller SSBBW's some of us are larger. We are all beautiful women and I believe the more information we share, the more fashionable divas we will become.

Submitted by Jennifer

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