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Hey there everyone. I'm Gabby, sister Bertha's northern cousin. I'm going to be taking your questions now. I hope I can be of help to all you amazing readers, so please don't hesitate to let me know what is bothering you.

Now keep sendin' in those letters to me at and make sure you mark it Attention: Dear Gabby.

This months letter....

Hey there everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I'm not going to answer any letters this month as I thought I would take this opportunity to just say that the holiday season was wonderful with too much of all good things and now it is time to get back to our normal routines.

If you fell off whatever wagon you may have been riding (and I fell off a few myself) then maybe it is time to get back on. The great thing about these wagons is that they are always coming around again to pick us up. We only have to decide where and when to do it. There is no time like the present.

Whether it is to stop smoking, start exercising, lose weight, look for a new job or a new life .. the point is it is never too late.

Don't think of it as a new year resolution as most of us (come on, admit it) break them within the first couple of weeks. If it is worth doing then do it no matter what time of year.

I, personally, want to get back on track with taking care of myself physically. I was doing quite well before and I have even managed to quit smoking. I'm ready to get on the wagon and if I fall off then I run after it and get back on.

Well, that was my blurb for this month so I'm going to say "see you later and take care of you!!!"

Love, Gabby

Disclaimer: This advice is for fun and entertainment purposes only. It should not replace the advice of a qualified professional.

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