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Hey there everyone. I'm Gabby and I'm going to be taking your questions now. I hope I can be of help to all you amazing readers, so please don't hesitate to let me know what is bothering you.

Now keep sendin' in those letters to me at and make sure you mark it Attention: Dear Gabby.

Dear Gabby,

I'm a long time admire of women of the larger proportions and I'm conflicted with problem with myself. I'm in a relationship with a wonderful and amazing girl. And I can confidently say that i'm in love with her. The problem I have is that she's very very skinny. She's still very beautiful, but I feel that later on I'll slowly lose physical interest in her. I know I should be more about personality than her looks and that's the right thing to do, but I'm just a little scared. She already knows that I like plumpness in a woman. . . but I don't really talk about it with her. I just try to change the subject. I love her and I don't want to make her do anything she's not comfortable or willing to do, but I don't want the excitement in our life to die.
Confused Heart

Hey Confused Heart,

I think you've already answered your own question by saying that you are scared. It's okay to be scared however don't let it control you.

If you love this lady and want to enjoy your life with her just do it. I know it sounds really easy to say (and it was) and believe it or not, it is also relatively easy to do.

We don't get many chances to be happy in this life so if you have a chance then take it.

She is probably aware that you are scared and not sure what to do. Thats also why she probably brings up the subject. She needs reassurance from you so please don't change the subject when she does bring it up. Talk with her!! Enjoy each other, BE HAPPY WITH EACH OTHER. LIFE IS TOO SHORT.

However, if you honestly feel you can't get past this then you need to let her know that - for both of your sakes. Remember that love comes in many sizes and shapes and they are all amazing!!

Take care, Love, Gabby

Disclaimer: This advice is for fun and entertainment purposes only. It should not replace the advice of a qualified professional.

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