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FAs (Fat Admirers) and their views, thoughts and issues

What is is like being an FA in today's society. What are the joys of living/being with an SSBBW. Are there drawbacks? Let us know at

Interviews with FAs

Each issue we try to introduce you to an FA. We know there are 1000's of good men in the world who are attracted to SSBBWs. We've seen some of them in previous issues. Right now though all the other FAs are being shy. If you are an FA and want our SSBBWs to know how beautiful and sexy they are, then please send us a message. Or perhaps you know of a wonderful FA with great views that the world should know about. Email us at

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This month our FA is Steven, a 24 year old from Las Vegas,Nevada

SSBBW Magazine: How long have you been an FA?

FA: I've been a FA since I was little. I can remember loving sitting on my aunts lap who was about at the time about 420 I believe, I loved felling so warm and how soft she was. At the time I felt safe and secure and for me then that meant alot.

SSBBW Magazine: Have you always been open with family/friends about being attracted to large women or did you try to hide it?

FA: At first I kept my attraction hidden, at the time I was surrounded by people (mostly men) that made fun of larger women and laughed at them. Thankfully I didn't follow them and do the same, since I was a big guy I knew how much it hurt to be picked on by my wieght. It wasn't till about when I turned 20 that I became open, at first on the web and then I let my family know as well as personal freinds. They where surprised but simply told me that whatever makes me happy.

SSBBW Magazine: What attracts you to SSBBWs?

FA: What attracts me is just how womenly a bbw or ssbbw is. I'm a big guy to so I can relate very much with bbws, I get along SO much better with bigger women. Also the fact that they have to deal with so much prejudice that it makes them in my mind much stronger willed in both body and mind. Just so sexy! hehe

SSBBW Magazine: What is your ideal woman?

FA: Ideal hmm..well, I love a women that is upfront with what she wants. I hate mind games and having to guess what they want or feel, just telling me outright and I'm a happy camper because I do the same..I'm very upfront. I love a cuddler and a sense of humor is a must because I'm a little kid at heart hehe. As for shape well..I wont be picky, personality goes a LOOOONG way with me,but well every guy has his weakness to shapes and mine is diffenetly hourglass.

SSBBW Magazine: What are the joys of being with an ssbbw?

FA: Well sadly I've never actually dated a ssbbw. I'd love to though, one of my dreams and such. To just be with a women that I can relate to on being a big person. I have dated a bbw though, she was about 320 and I LOVED just having her warm body near or over me. She was the most gentle and loving women I ever met, all bbws tend to be.

SSBBW Magazine: What are the drawbacks?

FA: The only drawbacks I had when I was dating my bbw was the obvious. Most buisness and food places are to short minded and sometimes had too small seats, I simply went and asked for a bigger one or a second one if they didnt have larger seats. Sometimes we had to leave because she was umcomfortable but I didn't mind, whatever made her happy. Also alot of movie theater seats where to small, but again we simply went elsewhere.

SSBBW Magazine: If your woman wanted to have weight loss surgery would you support her? Stay with her?

FA: My current girlfriend unfortunately wishes to lose weight, but its her choice and I'll back her up with all I have. And yes I'll definitely stay with her as she drops pounds.

SSBBW Magazine: If your woman was unable to leave the house or needed constant care and help because of her size, would you be there for her?

FA: In my heart I couldn't leave someone that would need me so much, depended on me like that. I would give it my all but currently I wouldn't be able to care for someone to that degree simply because of money wise. Otherwise yes, I'd give everything I could to help her and love her.

SSBBW Magazine: Is there such a thing too big?

FA: To big? Well for me sexually no lol. For me bigger the better! But for her..well health wise yes there is usually and I wouldnt want her to get bigger if it would hurt her health.

SSBBW Magazine: What would you like to say to all the SSBBWs reading this?

FA: To all you big beautifull sexy women! Love yourselfs, and each other! You're special in more ways then you know and never let anything get you down!

SSBBW Magazine: What would you like to say to all the FAs reading this?

FA: To all the FAs I'd just like to say thank you, thank you for being open minded and loving people for them not what you "think" they should be.

SSBBW Magazine: What would you like to say to those just reading this out of curiosity about the SSBBW / FA community?

FA: For all of you curious about us, put down your reservations and see the beauty in all of us. I don't expect anyone to take up the same wants or loves as us or me but just be open minded and see us as normal people..because we are!

He also says: As for anything else..well, I said what I wanted to really. If anyone would like to chat or anything at all my msn is in my forum profile hehe, take care and smile!

SSBBW Magazine: Thank you Steven.

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