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The Next Big Thing
A novel by Johanna Edwards

It's a plot torn from the pages of TV Guide: six overweight women live in a house of temptations and compete to see who loses the most weight. But it's far more satisfying than your average prime-time fare. The main character, Kat, always believed that life begins when you're thin. When her best friend, Donna, reads about a casting call for "From Fat to Fabulous," Kat decides she has nothing to lose but her belly. Of course, fame comes with a price. The tabloids dub her "Kat the Brat," and the show's surprise guest, her online boyfriend, dumps her on national television. Not to despair, however; Kat's story does have a happy ending. Edwards addresses image issues with wit and candor, and what's most refreshing is that losing weight doesn't make Kat's life perfect.

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"A grandmother pretends she doesn't know who you are on Halloween."
~Erma Bombeck
"Tis now the very witching time of night,
When churchyards yawn and hell itself breathes out
Contagion to this world."
~William Shakespeare

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