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Borrow From Your Mom: Must Have Items for Spring 2008

Have you ever noticed how clothes styles seem to cycle through the decades? From bellbottoms to babydoll dresses to halter tops and more, many of the styles that were popular when our mothers were younger have cycled through the fashion world again. This includes colors, patterns, and styles. The retro look is ďinĒ no matter how you look at it or where you decide to purchase it. What are some of the retro looks that are popular this spring?

Grecian Sandals

Athena will not have anything on you when you strap on your gold or silver Grecian sandals. They have been noticed everywhere this season. From wearing them with casual shorts to wearing them with dressy dresses, you cannot go wrong when you are sporting these strappy sandals. Short at the ankle or long up to your knee, you will find that these sandals can give your leg a longer and more toned look.

Big purses

It used to be that big purses were only for moms, but now you see stars sporting them to events and around town. From metallic to neutral to wild, you will see big purses in all different colors and materials. They can make be used as a fashion statement, rather than your clothes, or they can be a way to enhance your style. Either way, you will have room to carry around everything that you need to keep you and your family happy!


I love color! Nothing is worse than walking into a store looking for a few pieces for my spring or summer wardrobe only to find that bright colors are not ďin.Ē From bright, neon yellows to cheery pinks to lime greens, if you like color, you are in luck! We BBWs donít have to steer away from the bright colors. Pairing them with a neutral pant or top will allow us to enjoy color without it being overwhelming. Spring and summer just wouldnít be the same without wearing a pop of color, would it?

Halter tops and dresses

These were very popular when I was a child, as evidenced by some of the pictures that my mom has. Halter dresses and halter tops are being seen on runways all over the world for the spring and summer. Show off your collarbones and shoulders! Men consider this to be one of the sexiest areas of a woman, so if you got it, flaunt it!

Spring and summer fashion is bringing back some of our momís favorites! No matter what your size, these fashion favorites can work for you. So strap on your gold Grecian sandals and add a pop of color to your wardrobe with a halter dress. You will look beautiful!

Written by: Janis Rodgers

Mineral Make-up

Have you ever used mineral make-up and at certain times your face would start to itch? Well there might be a reason. Several mineral make-upís on the market have a product in them called Bismuth oxychloride.

Bismuth Oxychloride

Bismuth Oxychloride is a by product of lead and copper refining. Its molecular make-up is a crystalline shape, which may be a cause of the itchiness some women get when they wear it. Many women experience noticeable itching when they sweat.

Whatís it used for?

It serves several purposes. One being its helps the make-up ďstickĒ to your skin. It also gives the shine effect when applied and itís cheap. What company doesnít want cheap? But there are alternatives!

Where to get Bismuth Oxychloride free make-up?

Most of your mineral make-ups that you can purchase at your local drug store are going to have Bismuth Oxychloride in them, but one thatís inexpensive that you can find is Physicians Formula. It doesnít contain it and its allergy free. There are others you can find on the internet such as:

After Glow Cosmestics
Toni Payne
Beauty Bliss Cosmetics

These are just a few and there are many more just a click away! One great feature most of these sites offer are samples for $1 to $3, which makes it great for you to try and see if you like their products.

Be aware of what you put on your skin!

Written by: Amber

Looking for the perfect Motherís Day outfit that wonít bust your budget? Well youíre in luck here are some ideaís that are flattering to your body. Who sayís you canít be a sexy mama? & youíll still have some money left to put in your gas tank!

All of these dresses are under $60 and range from sizes 1X-5X. They can be found at

Written by: Amber

"My mom is a neverending song in my heart of comfort, happiness, and being. I may sometimes forget the words but I always remember the tune."
~Graycie Harmon
"God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers."
~Jewish Proverb

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