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Ashley Stewart and Jill Scott Team Up

She was a big winner at the 2008 Grammy awards taking home three Grammys. Now singer-songwriter Jill Scott wants big women to feel sexy and like winners too.

She has joined up with Ashley Stewart stores across the nation to begin a new line of clothing called The Butterfly Collection by Jill Scott.

Scott has designed or inspired all the looks that will be hitting more than 220 Ashley Stewart stores across the nation.

The mainstay of the collection is the "Butterfly Bra". The bra was designed by Scott to deal with the problems she says she and many other people, who are more voluptuous, are dealing with.

In a video explaining the bra on the Ashley Stewart website Scott talks about her desire to build a 'better bra'.

"When you're a voluptuous woman the bra tends to dig into your shoulders and it hurts. When a bra hurts you, it can change your personality. You're in pain. I could never find everything I needed in a bra so I had to mix it up, put one on top of the other."

Then she got to working with the design team at Ashley Stewart, "They were open-minded about creating a bra for a voluptuous woman. Something that wouldn’t hurt our shoulders, deal with under-wire and the pain from that, the moving of the bra and the rolls of fat in the back and all of that foolishness since our mother's, mother's, mothers had a bra."

When many people think of a bra for larger women, they think the sexy factor has to go out the window in favor of support. Not so, says Scott. She created a bra that is both beautiful and built to hold in a larger woman's curves, " No more harnesses. No more grandma bras. Something that makes you feel sexy, lovely and supported."

Scott says voluptuous women should be able to feel sexy and beautiful, with clothes that are supportive and take away the pain. She says in her case the "Butterfly Bra" was the answer because it relieves her shoulders from the weight and pressure of her breasts and lets her go out more, enjoy dressing up and get on the dance floor.

The rest of the Butterfly Collection by Jill Scott will be a series of intimate apparel items designed to be flattering to larger figures.

The Ashley Stewart Website is:
You can find out more about Jill Scott at

Written by: Michelle Murillo

"May your blessings outnumber
The shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you
Wherever you go."
`Irish Blessing
"I think of the garden after the rain;
And hope to my heart comes singing,
At morn the cherry-blooms will be white,
And the Easter bells be ringing!"
~Edna Dean Proctor, "Easter Bells"

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