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Interviews with FAs

Each issue we try to introduce you to an FA. We know there are 1000's of good men in the world who are attracted to SSBBWs. We've seen some of them in previous issues. Right now though all the other FAs are being shy. If you are an FA and want our SSBBWs to know how beautiful and sexy they are, then please send us a message. Or perhaps you know of a wonderful FA with great views that the world should know about. Email us at

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This month we have an article from the great BBW artist Ianardo....

An FA's View

When it started?

It's hard to pin-point just when I knew I preferred cuddly beauty. As a life-long artist, I've been admiring female beauty since I was 5, and this took in all sizes from slim to SSBBW. And if you'll forgive the pun, the scales gradually tipped to a preference for cuddly, as I grew up. TV and movie fiction con us chaps into seeing only the beauty of slender ladies. Then when we spot an SSBBW in real life, we are suddenly confronted with a vision of loveliness, with more curves, more softness and far more femininity than a room full of Hollywood stars!

Why an FA?

To look feminine (apart from clothing), a lady has a bust, relatively large curvy hips and thighs, soft arms and shoulders, and sensuous curving legs. An SSBBW's figure greatly emphasises all these characteristics. Even in loose flowing clothing, an SSBBW cannot hide her curves, whereas a curvy slim lady's figure is totally lost unless she wears form-fitting fashions. After I started applying my art interest to my BBW/SSBBW admiration, I noticed even more aspects to super-sized beauty. Large, soft shoulders with gently flowing curves, that are such a contrast to the angular, almost masculine shoulders of a thin lady. The arms too, possess sensuous curves, and taper gently to the wrists. Even the hands of an SSBBW look more feminine, and feel so very soft. I mustn't forget the face, so rounded rather than angular. I will confess to finding that the slightest glimpse of SSBBW cleavage, leaves me wobbly at the knees and suffering a fit of swooning!

I also tend to find that SSBBWs are more likely to be tolerant and accepting of others, because they value acceptance themselves so much. Since going online and finding the world of size-acceptance, I have really enjoyed learning about the reality (and variety) of lives that different SSBBWs live. It has also been great to find that many are much more fit and healthy than we are supposed to believe (via the great mass-media brain-wash!). I've been able to learn more about what an FA needs to know, to make his SSBBW girlfriend comfortable and happy, for day-to-day considerations. Most are pretty obvious, like making sure there's enough room, but fortunately, I am skinny, so double seats work out fine! I also find physical strength attractive, and many SSBBWs possess this attribute, although I know some don't like to raise the topic because it does not sound feminine (although a lady can look very femninine irrespective of strength). I just think that all builds have their benefits and drawbacks, and one should dwell more on the positive. Being large gives a person extra padding against minor injury (I know all about knocking into furniture!), and extra insulation to keep warm. While I'm extra agile and able to slip into small spaces, so there are benefits to every build and we should enjoy whatever we are blessed with.

FA acceptance?

I'm a shy guy, work on my own, and not a great one for socialising, so discussions on dating and preferences rarely come up. As an adolescent I did think that I was the world's only FA (!) so I tended to keep quiet about it at that time, although I did express admiration of favourite ladies, such the late actress Hattie Jacques. Eventually I did start to notice that other men were admiring the same cuddly ladies as me. I started to watch their eyes and expressions. In later years I was nervous about talking to friends and relatives about my preference, but soon found that I had nothing to worry about. Everyone has accepted it as a normal preference and nothing more. It's just not a big deal. One dates a BBW or SSBBW and enjoys the experience, with no need to wear a special t-shirt! The internet has made things much easier now that we know what a huge number of FAs there are.


Only my last two girlfriends have been SSBBWs, as opposed to BBWs, and I have to admit to being hooked! Cuddling an SSBBW is absolute heaven! Walking together out and about, holding hands, is wonderful, and I end up going a bit gooey eyed and thinking how lucky I am. I feel privileged to have good quality company that comes in a super attractive package. I'm aware that some guys are self-conscious about dating an SSBBW in public. I just don't see what their problem is, because seeing large ladies out with boyfriends is so commonplace. With me being so skinny, some of the SSBBWs are self-conscious rather than me! Sadly, many won't date a thin guy in case he makes her look larger - or he might be too fragile! That's not so and I've never heard of thin men getting injured. But let me point out that a tall skinny guy can get his arms around a larger lady more easily!

Large or larger?

I'm sometimes asked how large I prefer a lady, but I think beauty and physical attraction are more complex than size, although size is an attraction. The larger the ladies, the more variety there is in shapes, so my favourite beauties tend to be among the SSBBWs of the world. One cannot set any kind of maximum, because some very large ladies are amazingly fit and healthy and agile, and shapely, while others find their size ruins their quality of life. I would certainly not discourage a lady from trying to improve her life, and changing for her own sake (her decision alone). Some men set a minimum weight (e.g. 400 pounds), but this is way too simplistic. Apart from taking height into account, two ladies of the same weight may look entirely different. So for me, there is no set minimum or maximum. A person is a complex package of shape, beauty, style, and all the inner qualities and quirks.

The dreaded weight-loss surgery?

This is a complex issue because each lady is different both in physique and character. There may be a genuine health reason or she may be giving in to her feelings of low self-worth. She might feel better afterwards, or she may be permanently dissatisfied with her body. I also hear of ladies whose confidence rocketed so much that they dumped their FA boyfriends to find "better" guys! It can be difficult for an FA boy friend, because the change from SSBBW to slim (if that's how much the lady changes) is an unnatural change, and he may find himself living with/dating an apparently changed personality and a much less sexually appealling figure. He will then be criticised for being "shallow" if he is honest about it. As a friend, I would support a lady through such surgery since that is what friends should do. I would be worried about the dangers and hope that she might choose a safer method of reducing, but it's her body and her decision. It's hard to predict exactly what would happen if this was a lady who I was married to/living with, since it depends on her changes and behaviour, just as much as on my actions.

To the SSBBWs reading:

Nature has its way of making sure everyone can find a soulmate. No matter what you look like, some men will be attracted to you. Once you realise this and build up some confidence (even just a pretence of confidence) then more men will find you attractive. Holding your head up, smiling, welcoming glances from men, dressing in styles that you enjoy wearing (not what anyone else says you're allowed to wear), will attract favourable attention and affect the way people treat you.

To the FAs reading:

If you date an SSBBW, show her affection when out in public and make sure that your eyes are only for her. People around are far less likely to be rude and unkind to an SSBBW who is clearly with a man who loves and adores her. And she will probably feel safe and at ease knowing that she is with someone who would speak up for her and help protect her feelings. Treat her like a girl friend should be treated by not making any negative issues of her size. That is, introduce her to friends and family and make her a full part of your life. She should feel as though she is the most important aspect of your life right now. I always feel very lucky to date an SSBBW. The pleasure is mine!

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