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A Father’s Day Tale
Eddie Money: Shakin’ the Charts

Thirty-five years ago, a long-haired New York kid in a suit took the simple name of Eddie Mahoney, erased a couple of letters and took his first step in changing rock & roll history forever.

In 1977, Eddie Money released his first album, simply named “Eddie Money.” This first album was far from simple, with hits like “Baby Hold On,” and “Two Tickets to Paradise.” Both songs entered the top 40, and this album began a string of 23 top 100 hits for the rocker, including “Shakin’,” “Wanna Go Back,” and “Take Me Home Tonight,” co-sung with Ronnie Spector.

In an exclusive interview with SSBBW Magazine, Eddie shared a glimpse of his world over the last three decades, his current projects and that of his daughter, Jessica Money (Rock The Cradle-MTV).

SSBBW: What are some of your more memorable shows?

Eddie: Oh man, there have been a lot of them. Saturday Night Live was awesome. That was in ’78. There was also the US show that had about 650,000 people there. Can you imagine 650,000 people? It was amazing.

SSBBW: What are your favorite concert venues?

Eddie: The DTE in Detroit, and of course I love Madison Square Garden. There’s the Greek Theater, and the Fox Theater in Atlanta. I love older theaters that have been renovated with all new seats and interior. They’re really nice.

SSBBW: What do you do to relax?

Eddie: I tell ya, I’ve got some talented kids. I have one son that plays guitar, and one that plays guitar and drums. Then there’s my daughter Jessie that is a lead singer like her daddy. I built them a music studio at the house and we’re usually in there every chance we get.

SSBBW: Your daughter Jessie was on Rock The Cradle?

Eddie: Yeah, I don’t think she should have been eliminated. She did some great work. I’m very proud of her.

SSBBW: What one thing has the most impact on your success?

Eddie: I have a great band. I’ve worked with a lot of great people over the years. I also stayed clean with what I did. All the drugs and alcohol, you can’t do that stuff, it affects your show and is bad for your voice. I’ve always come out with a suit and tie and ready to rock.

SSBBW: What are some of the more profound changes in the music industry since your earlier days in music?

Eddie: I gotta tell ya, I think the most obvious change is in music sales. Take Tower Records for example. They used to have 200 people working in a store. Now the kids get one song, burn it on CD, and forget about buying the CD’s out of the stores. Now Tower has about 40 employees per store. It’s pitiful. I’m really glad my major successes happened in my heyday.

SSBBW: In Drew Carey you played Mimi’s ex-husband in an episode. What message would you give to our readers?

Eddie: Hey, first of all, I like a woman with a little meat on her bones. I see that as someone who can cook, and I like to eat. (chuckles) I honestly find full-figured women sexier than thinner women. There’s something about them more sensual. I don’t know. True beauty, I’ve always felt, comes from within.

Written by: M.M. Barbour

Scroll through the clips of some of Eddie's songs.
"Never raise your hand to your kids. It leaves your groin unprotected."
~Red Buttons
"Fatherhood is pretending the present you love most is soap-on-a-rope."
~Bill Cosby

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