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Lordy, I think summer is finally upon us sisters! That means lots of things o’course, like trips to the beach. I went myself up to Myrtle Beach, cause I heard they were havin’ a BBW convention up there. Of course when I got there I ran into Ben and Jerry, who amazingly ALWAYS know where I’m gonna be and manage to be waitin’ on me. Well sir, I was thoroughly misinformed, (as I am neva’ wrong.) It was indeed Biker Week at Myrtle, and my my my, fashions have CHANGED! Now sisters, I so love to dress, and I realize that being pleasantly plump has its challenges in the wardrobe department. However, its my humble opinion that there are just some things NOBODY should wear, and I WOULDN”T wear, because my dear mama taught me how to dress. That being said I’m going to go over to see Miss Amber in our Fashion Department and get a bathing suit for ME!

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This months letters....


Dear Sister,

What does BBW stand for?

Confused in Cleveland

Dear Confused,

B: Big-in any way, and most of the time in every way, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually..etc. (I, myself, am larger than life)

B: Beautiful- inside and out (and I promise you, while we’re all beautiful in some ways, if you ain’t beautiful on the inside, the rest don’t matter.)

W: Woman- in most cases, this needs no explanation.

All clear now sugah’?

What’s in a Name?

Dear Sister,

Why do you call yourself sister? You ain’t my sister, I got all brothers.

Wondering in West Virginia

Dear Hillbilly,

I could comment on you and your brothers, but being a good Christian child I won’t. I will, howevah’ answer your question with as little sarcasm as possible. Sister is a common term in the South that two ladies of most Christian faiths will greet each other with. This is also true of other faiths, where the central figure of worship is a father/mother figure. The exception to this is an atheist, who would be a second cousin twice removed. (This would also make him eligible to marry in your neck of the woods.) Hope this clarifies things sister!

Until Next Time,
Love ya like a Sister

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