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Meet the Staff/Contributors to SSBBW Magazine

Sue Carter

Managing Editor/Contributing Writer
Sue is a 43 year old single SSBBW living in Ontario Canada with a very spoilt diabetic cat! She also wrote for the now defunct SSBBWoman online magazine in 2002. She works full time as a database programmer. She loves to read and have a good laugh and spend quality time with friends and family.

Maria Albus

Food Editor/Contributing Writer
Maria is a 45 year old ssbbw living in southeast Ohio. She is 'retired' from insurance sales and concentrating on taking care of her two children, Maria 19 and Joey 17, and her two cats, Garfield and Speck. She has a degree in English, Secondary Education, and Driver Education, although she says she is too old to get in a car anymore with a new driver!!!!! Cooking is one of her hobbies and finding new recipes is one of her passions. She hopes to receive lots of new recipes from our readers!

M.M. Barbour

Arts/Entertainment Editor/Contributing Writer
M.M. Barbour is a SSBBW from North Carolina, and is proud and passionate about writing. Her work has been featured, and can be found on Allpoetry and Mindfire magazine. She has one poetry collection, "Whispers," in print which can be found on When she isn't writing and researching arts and entertainment, she works in home health and spends time with her beautiful and loving family. She has 3 beautiful sons and an even more beautiful mother who shared with her the love of reading and writing. Ms. Barbour is currently working toward a Bachelor's Degree in English. More of M.M. Barbour's work can be found at the following sites:

Contributing Writers

  • Marianne Westervelt has a B.A. in Science and a Masters degree in Nutrition. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D in Holistic Nutrition at Clayton College. She holds a personal training certificate from TTS.
  • Jody is an Australian based writer who lives with her partner and two small dogs in Sydney. She writes on all sorts of topics and dreams one day of actually making a full time living out of her writing!
  • Janis Rodgers is a full-time mom to three and freelance writer and editor. She looks forward to each new day that is full of new topics to write about, new books to read, and new situations with her kids. You can visit her at her book review blog at _The Nearsighted Bookworm _ ( or at her personal blog, _Dandelion Momma_ (
  • Michelle Murillo of CommuniCreations. In her past life she was an award-winning reporter for Clear Channel. She has half a dozen AP awards under her belt as well as two Marconis.

Artwork courtesy of SSBBW artist Michael better known as Koudelka. He is a 25 year old and lives in Germany. Right now he is at university to become a grafic designer. Michael has been drawing all his life. He drew his first large woman at the age of 12. Later, realizing that he prefered girls with a lot of flesh on their bones he began drawing a lot of pics featuring large women. "I soon found out, that the fatter a woman was, the more I was attracted by her. But this is were the problem starts. Of course I know, that being obese is a health risk and that a lot of SSBBWs are not happy with their size. BUT that is exactly why I draw SSBBWs. The women in my pictures are not suffering from health problems. They aren't insulted for being fat and never feel ugly because of their large form. My women live in a world, where they can be just as fat as they want to be. They can eat everything they want and never have to diet, because they love getting fatter and fatter and grow happier with each pound. I know I can't make the risks of obesity go away. But I hope that someday large girls will be proud of being large and will be accepted by everyone - thin or fat."

To see more of Michael's work go to his gallery on Deviant Art.


Right now we are recruiting for a number of key positions. Please note that we will always be accepting suggestions and articles from our readers, because who knows SSBBWs better than a true SSBBW.

Contributing Writers

All applications for the above positions should be emailed to Please include in your application your full name, location (city, state/province, country), a valid email address, which position(s) you are applying for, the reasons you think you would be a good fit for this position and a sample of your writing. These positions should only require a few hours per week of your time.

Submission Guidelines

SSBBW Magazine offers the SSBBW of the world information and support about the issues that affect us every day. Articles are educational, entertaining, inspirational and motivational. Our readers are diverse and from many different countries, religions and ethnicities.

We are seeking articles that will appeal to this global audience. Articles must be pertinent to SSBBWs, BBWs or women in general.

SSBBW Magazine is a labor of love and therefore we are unable to offer compensation for articles.

Reviewing of submissions can take a few weeks. Not all submissions will be accepted. We also reserve the right to edit any submissions as we see fit for content and/or grammar/spelling. All accepted articles will be posted with the authors name as submitted as well as a bio (no more than 2 lines) if the author wishes. Also, if requested a contact email will be included if provided and deemed appropriate.

Submitted articles must be an original article that you wrote. Please do not copy and paste from other websites. If you do use other websites as sources of information please include the web address. Articles must be written with proper English, spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization and sentence structure. Submissions must not contain pornography/adult material or be hate or racially oriented. You may submit pictures (in jpeg or gif format only) with your submission but must have the permission of the artist to do so.

Please send your submissions to Thank you.

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