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Plus Sized PJs for a Long Winterís Night

Frosty winds whip past the windows. Short days turn into long nights. It is winter time, and there is no better way to get cozy than comfortable new sleepwear.

The key to ultimate relaxation is soft, breathable fabric that is generously cut. Super sized pajamas come in a variety styles that range from the old standard night gown to sleep shirts and lounge wear. Here are a few of the hottest styles to keep your warm this season.

Roomy-cut gowns

There are several styles of gowns, but the classic flannel nightgown remains a favorite. Many styles have pin tuck detailing, ruffle enhancements, and various cut necklines. offers a pretty style for a great price, in sizes up to size 5X.

If you prefer something a bit sexier, the Pippa nightie is silky while still being relaxed. You can find it at Making it Big, in sizes up to 7X.

Supersized nightshirts

The nightshirt is a favorite for many plus sized women because it is so easy to wear. Long cut shirts typically run between the knee and mid-calf in length, and are usually made of cotton or linen. The loose cut allows for non-binding comfort, which is essential in lounge wear. Rosalee Womensize Apparel has a pink hearts tee shirt that runs up to size 9X.

Plus size pajama sets

These pieces can come together in sets, or are sold separately. Tops include v-neck, scoop, and crew neck tops that can have sleeves that are short, ¾, or long. Bottoms are usually sleep pants or boxer shorts, and can have either elastic or draw string waist. A nice look that can be worn all day long is cotton pants and a complementing ¾ sleeve top. has sets that come in sizes up to 30/32.

Plus sized robes and caftans

A robe or caftan is used to keep warm and cover up when not physically in bed. Many Sundays are spent lounging in a luxurious caftan. Ladies often use a big and thirsty robe when getting out of the shower to help stay warm and absorb extra moisture. Imogene’s has caftans and other sleepwear up to a size 8X.

How do you find optimal comfort with a flattering fit?

Consider the season when selecting your sleepwear. Layering helps you stay warm in the winter, and many fleece options are now available in loungewear. If you prefer to dress with less, sleep shorts and big shirts might be the answer.

There are even so-called “menopause pajamas” which wick away the moisture from night sweats to help keep you comfortable when sleeping. Rick and June carry a variety of menopause pajama styles.

Written by: Christine Cabral

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