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Super-Steamy Ultra-Sexy SSBBW Lingerie for Your Valentine's Day

SSBBW have more tasteful and sexy options that ever before when choosing their lingerie. Are you looking for that special something that will spice up your relationship? Adult dress up attire perfect for your honeymoon night, special night away, Valentine's celebration, or just a regular day at home can be found here, carefully sorted to give you a highlight of the best BBW lingerie on the Web.

All of these alluring lingerie items are available in super sizes, with some up to 12X, so relax and explore the many sensual options available to the BBW. Show off your luscious curves in these numbers designed specially for the BBW and send your SSBBW lover over the moon.

www.biggalslingerie.comThe Corset Renaissance

Corsets were originally designed with lace up backs, button closures and boning to create feminine curves. These days, thanks to Hollywood's Moulin Rouge and other movies of Victorian era, the corset is making a comeback in sexy wear. Super sized women use corsets to boost up the bust and hug their voluptuous curves. Here is just a sample of the selection out there.

The Teddy

The teddy is a traditional garment made popular in the 1920's that was worn by women who wore slacks. A teddy is an all-in-one bodysuit with a camisole on top and panty on the bottom. Sexy versions are usually fitted, while more traditional styles are loose fitting. Sexy teddies come in a wide variety of styles; even thong bottoms and themed tops are common. Here is a sample of a white, bridal style.

The Difference between the Baby Doll and Chemise

Both are short dress-like gowns, made of sheer, see-through or patterned fabric. A baby doll flows from the bust line to the hem line, and usually flairs out. The chemise, on the other hand, is more curve-hugging and is more fitted in the waist and hip areas.

Baby Doll and Panty Sets: These classic sexy outfits come in a variety of colors with sheer, opaque, and patterned fabrics. This example has adjustable straps and a customizable tie back, and comes with matching panties. This style comes is sizes 4X-10X.

The Chemise: This style is sexy and alluring, and can be comfortable and not too over-the-top at the same time. The variations are wide on this type of negligee, and this example is a simple black chemise. It's unique because it offers upper arm and back coverage for ladies that are self-conscious about that area. There's a stretch to the fabric, and this comfortable cut will give you the confidence to be a vixen in this flattering design.

www.biggalslingerie.comRomantic Robe and Gown Sets: The Peignoir

A sheer, long outer garment, the peignoir is also called a dressing gown. A peignoir is usually made of chiffon. The design is reminiscent of early French styling, and this romantic robe is often worn over sexy negligee. Here is a modern interpretation on the classic peignoir.

The Catsuit and Bodystocking

Usually see-through, this ensemble provides all over coverage. The fabric in a catsuit or bodystocking is stretchy and sheer, and leaves enough to the imagination to not be too trashy. Pair it with the appropriate accessories like boas and shoes to create your own look. Catsuits and bodystockings come in sizes up to 12X, in a variety of colors ranging from the classic black to hot pink. Here is an example.

Full Coverage Romantic Velvet

For the more modest, a simple yet sexy velvet gown set might be a more demure introduction into lingerie. Try this set that is available in sizes 1X - 6X, and comes in luxurious black or red velvet.

Simple Bras and Panty Combos

Many SSBBW agree that Lane Bryant is one of the best places to get sexy, comfortable bra and panty sets for a good price. The word on the street is that the quality is high, and the selection can't be beat. The store site is notoriously better in selection and quality as compared to the catalog website.

Valentine's Day

Lingerie makers love Valentine's Day because it is the day for lovers. Plenty of holiday-inspired designs are out there. Big Gals Lingerie and About Curves both have a good selection of Valentine's Day styles to help you celebrate.

Sexy Accessories

There is a whole world of sexy accessories to pair with your lingerie. Plus sized boots, wide "Fifi" style heeled slippers, feathered boas and fans, hosiery, and gloves are just a few of the pieces you can add to your look.

SSBBW Lingerie Marketplace

Looking for a discreet way to make your SSBBW lingerie purchase? Buy online through a trustworthy eBay store or auction, or at one of these reputable lingerie companies.

Written by: Christine Cabral
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