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Information and rants about living in the real world as an SSBBW

As SSBBWs, we live in a world built for smaller people. Each day we face challenges to fit in, or even to just fit. While education and information are powerful tools, our best resource is each other. Let us know your tips or rants about this subject at

SSBBW Profile

Each month we will profile an SSBBW to help inspire those SSBBWs who haven't yet gotten that they are wonderful, caring, sexy, special people. Click here to read this month's profile of Gayla, a 46 year old from Manitoba, Canada.

Autumn Activities for SSBBW's

The autumn is a great time for people to go outside and explore all that nature has to offer. There are many activities that SSBBW can do during the autumn to have a lot of fun. Going out with other SSBBW's, or friends and family can prove to be a fun time for autumn activities.

With fall here, there are so many autumn activities that many SSBBW can attend. Football season is in full swing, and there is no better way to celebrate the football season than with a fun tail gaiting party. Tail gating parties are a great way to gather around with friends, enjoy a delicious bbq, and listen and watch a great football game. It is also a fun time to attend football parties at many people's homes, as many large football fanatics will have weekend parties in their homes. Many SSBBW are football fans, so this is a great time for them to all get together and participate in the fun of cheering their favorite football team towards a victory.

Another autumn favorite that many people can take part of is picking apples and pumpkins from orchards and patches. The fall is a great time for exploring all that nature has to offer. The leaves have changed their beautiful hues of golden yellows, deep reds, and beautiful browns. There are delicious fruits that are waiting to be picked, some of them being apples. Apples picking is a fun activity that many SSBBW's love to do. Apples are a nutritious fruit, and they can be made into many wonderful things, including organic apple juice, and the all American favorite, apple pie. There are numerous pumpkin patches that are overflowing with the bountiful harvests of the seasons. Many apple orchard and pumpkin patch owners will allow their customers onto their land so that they can pick and choose the apples and pumpkins that they want to take home. This is not only a great way for SSBBW's to spend time with friends and family, but also a good way to sneak in a little bit of exercise.

Many SSBBW's may not think that a leisurely stroll in the park in the autumn months is a form of exercise, but it is. Taking pets, such as dogs, out on a walk can help to make the time go by, too. Fall is a beautiful time of the year. It is when nature changes its shades and gives us its last burst of color before it is winter. It is the promise of a spring that will eventually come, and of memories that can fade, too. It is empowering for one SSBBW to see a fellow SSBBW on the street, walking with their friends or their pets, too. It shows that many SSBBW are strong enough to be able to come out of their shells, hold their heads up high and take a stroll along the streets without a worry or a care that they are indeed SSBBW's.

Autumn activities are bountiful for SSBBW's and those who love SSBBW's. There are arts and crafts that SSBBW's can create that are autumn spirited. Activities such as creating quilts with other SSBBW's is a great way to interact with other SSBBW's, as well as have a fun time during the cool autumn months. Spending time with other SSBBW's can bring about a sense of belonging, empowerment, and encouragement that may be well needed and overdue for any SSBBW.

Autumn activities are indeed a lot of fun for everyone, including SSBBW's. Simply because SSBBW's may live a more difficult life than others does not mean that they can not take pride in themselves, and stand proud. Nature has to much to offer, and it is just waiting to be embraced by SSBBW's.

Written by: NoDoubtMarketing

Letters to the Editor...

We've received a few letters to the editor lately and would like to post them here. If you have anything to say we'd love to hear from you too, so send us an email.

"Wow! This site is so great. I have been looking for a group like this for sometime. I am 26 and before I got my computer I did not know what a BBW much less a SSBBW was. My family and friends would pick on me and tell me to lose weight; that I would never belong in the real world being fat. My self worth has sky rocketed because of groups like this, so thank you. [Katrina]"

"Dear wonderful people at SSBBW Magazine. You people are great! [Eric]"

"Editors - I just recently found your magazine when searching on Google and want to say BRAVO! I'm an SSBBW and have been looking for something like this. You've let me know I"m not alone. Thank you, thank you, thank you! [Sally]"

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