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Beyond the White Sheet: Supersized & Plus Size Halloween Costumes You'll Love

Ever avoid making Halloween plans because you dreaded finding a costume that fit and looked good? Don’t let your costume stand in the way of a good time this Halloween.

Why are so many larger-sized costumes made in a skimpy “sexy cut?” Not everyone is comfortable in a scantily clad costume. There are plenty of choices available online up to size 9X and beyond that are designed for BBWs. They are sexy and flattering, and offer enough coverage to keep you comfortable.

We’ve sifted through the abundance of BBW Halloween costumes and highlighted the best.

Full Figured Scary Costumes

Bride of Darkness: Frightfully spooky, this great costume has layers, and features a coffin-like underskirt that peeks through the dark velvet dress. The sleeves are long and tattered by design. This merchant also offers dead roses as an eerie accessory for this ensemble. Make-up is chalky and pale, with dark eyes and lips. Black shoes are your own. Fits through size 22.

Grim Reaper, Witch, or Devil: Comfortable witch outfits, grim reaper robes, and devil getups in many colors and sizes up to 10X.

BBW Storybook Costumes

Red Riding Hood: This dress has sexy-cut corset styling on top, and a flounce skirt that runs knee length. The red hood covers the upper arm. Wear your hair down with rosy cheeked make-up. Ankle socks and black shoes or black boots finish off this outfit. Carry a basket filled with goodies as your accessory. Costume runs up to size 3X or 30. Supersize plus red hoods are also available up to 9X.

Juliet: Purple and green medieval-style dress is long and offers full coverage. Runs up to size 24.

Mrs. Clause: For a true holiday lover, Halloween isn't too early to start celebrating! Santa's wife is the perfect costume choice for a BBW. Wear this dress with a white curly wig and any black shoes. Fits ladies up to 300 lbs.

Dorothy: The Wizard of Oz himself would be impressed with this 3X - up to size 30 - Dorothy costume. The dress is pale blue gingham check with white accents. Don't forget your basket and stuffed Toto. Braids or low pigtails are best for hair, and red shoes are a must!

Hairspray's Edna Turnblad: Thanks to this year's hit movie-musical Hairspray, Edna Turnblad's pretty 60's-style pink sequined dress and bouffant flip wig are all the rage. Up to size 22.

Maleficent Witch: Disney-inspired costume has bold purple accents and dramatic details. This impressive costume includes signature foam head piece and neck accents. Fits up to size 30.

Halloween Plus Sized Classics

Clown: For the BBWs who like to make people laugh - be a clown! Super comfy. Unisex, XXXL.

Beer Garden Girl: German flair beer girl costume is sure to please. Out-of-the-ordinary orange and green dress, with corset and apron, is attractive and flattering. Braid your hair, do low pigtails, or get a braided wig. You supply the beer stein! Up to size 28.

Nun: Divinely classic costume offers full coverage appeal and comfort. Mother Superior plus size costume can be paired with a plus sized priest costume for your mate! Fits up to size 24.

Be My Baby: What's better than wearing your pajamas out for the evening? This baby costume comes in pink and blue for a cute "couples" costume. Carry a big swirled lollypop or pacifier. Fits up to size 24.

French Maid: VaVaVoom! You'll look irresistible in this classic French maid outfit. Add fishnet stockings (available in plus size too), a feather duster, your black dress shoes, and over-the-top glittery baubles for a complete package that's clean, yet dirty! Fits up to 12X.


Many of us have suffered through a Halloween party in a costume that was too big or too small. Thanks to the Internet, there are now many suppliers for larger sized costumes. To be sure you are ordering the right size, call the company before placing your order.

The costume link examples here run the gamut of price points. If you would rather not order a costume, consider creating one, using these ideas and pictures as a guide.

Whatever costume you choose, you'll be happy you put a little effort into your trick-or-treating this year. You will be boo-tiful!

Written by: Christine Cabral

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