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What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner?
Fun Fall Fashions that Flatter the SSBBW

Planning a quiet dinner at home, a restaurant feast, or a fun family gathering this November? No matter how you recognize the Thanksgiving holiday, you will want to look your best. Dressing in clothing that is fashionable, comfortable, and flattering is a tall order - but it can be done without spending a fortune.

What’s Hot for Fall

Give thanks for the many wonderful Fall styles hitting the runway that are flattering for plus-sized women! Here are a few hot looks you will appreciate:

Fall Fashion Warnings

Tall leather boots that do not fit

High boots can be a challenge for the larger woman because often shoe designers do not allow adequate room for a more robust calf. When purchasing your high boots, make sure that there is an elastic panel that will allow for a custom fit that is perfect for your body. Jessica London offers many different styles for SSBBW’s which solves the problem!

Clothes that are too tight

Did you know that wearing the wrong size can actually make you look bigger? If your clothes feel bit snug, go up one size – or wear clothes that have a stretch to the fabric – it will make you look fabulous, and you’ll be more comfortable, too.

Two Great Tips for Accessorizing
  1. Match your leg to your shoe. If you are wearing hose, make it the same color as your skirt. If you are wearing pants, wear the same color shoe. You will instantly look taller, and put together.
  2. Wear tone-on-tone accessories. For example, if you are wearing a plum top, wear a chunky necklace with some variation of plum in it.
Where to Get It

Get your hands on the hottest fall fashions quickly, easily, and without wasted effort! Simply shop online to find the look and sizes you want and have it shipped directly to your doorstep. Be sure to allow enough time for shipping, although many sites can ship within a day or two. Visit one of these clothing shops that offer fashionable threads for women 14W to 34W.

If you would prefer to go into a brick-and-mortar store to try on the clothing, and feel the quality for yourself, try one of these stores:

Whatever you decide to wear, make sure you feel comfortable and can have fun enjoying the holiday with the people around you. Happy Thanksgiving!

Written by: Christine Cabral

Big On Batik Plus Size Women's ClothingOne of my favorite sites for plus size clothing is They carry sizes 1x to 6x and 18/20 to 38/40. Not only is it fashionable clothing but the models are plus size as well. By clicking on the picture of the outfit you can get front and back views of the models in the clothes. Also by clicking on the different colors you sometimes see a new model. That should help you figure out what outfits are best for you. If you can not find your size Bigonbatik can sell you their fabric. Then you can make or have your own clothes made. There are some special sections like the men's clothing. The men's clothing is new this year right now they only have shirts sizes 1x to 6x but will be having more items added soon. The plus size petite and extended sizes 7x/8x are other special sections.

Satu is not just the owner, but the photographer as well. There is an article about her on the web site. That might help you feel a little better about the site. Satu has posted her customers comments though out the site to help as well. She also sales bracelets that say "love your body." I just love how she embraces that fact. She is the proud owner of a great club called the plush cats Both men and women should find the club interesting. I would recommend both her sites to any plus size woman.

Submitted by: Katrina

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