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March is National Nutrition Month so this month's issue will focus on eating healthy and nutritionally.

For National Nutrition Month® 2007, the Best Path to Fitness and Health Is to Be 100% Fad Free

Source: American Dietetic Association Press Release

Diet fads come and go, and some may help you lose weight – in the short term. For National Nutrition Month® 2007, the American Dietetic Association says the most effective long-term way to achieve a healthful lifestyle is to be 100% Fad Free.

“You can lose weight on virtually any diet,” said registered dietitian and ADA spokesperson Roberta Anding. “If you eat less, you will lose weight. The question is, can you maintain a healthy lifestyle over the long term – your life? The real key to reaching long-term goals is to focus on your overall health.”

Through National Nutrition Month, created in 1973, the American Dietetic Association promotes healthful eating by providing practical nutrition guidance and focusing attention on making informed food choices and developing sound physical activity habits. National Nutrition Month also reminds consumers that registered dietitians are their most valuable and credible source of timely, science-based information.

Anding encourages everyone to keep in mind these National Nutrition Month key messages to enjoy a 100% Fad Free lifestyle:

With approximately 65,000 members, the American Dietetic Association is the nation’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. ADA serves the public by promoting optimal nutrition, health and well-being. To locate a registered dietitian in your area, visit the American Dietetic Association at

DIET Is A 4-Letter Word

Yes, "diet" is a 4-letter word. It's a bad word. It doesn't work. Why? Because dieting means counting calories and fat grams and constantly thinking about food, in terms of how much more can I eat today. We got to where we are right now because we were thinking about food. Thinking about food all the time is not right. Also when dieting we put ourselves down without even thinking about it. "I cheated today", "I was bad", etc. Even when we do lose weight we put ourselves down by saying "I only lost 2 lbs". The "only" makes it seem negative. What only? 2lbs is great!! It's a hell of a lot better than gaining 2lbs. Make it positive. Until we find the positive in it and just tell ourselves the negative, the negative will be the result.

I once had a doctor tell me I was too smart to be fat. At the time that comment really upset me but over the years I've grown to understand what she meant. I know that having an apple is better for me than having a bag of chips. I know that eating healthy is the right way to go. I know that a salad is no longer good for me if I smother it in creamy dressing, bacon bits, cheese, etc. Yes, I know! But just like a smoker knows they can get lung cancer and all kinds of other bad things, doesn't stop them from lighting up another cigarette.

So what are we supposed to do? Well, let's try to change our thought process. We will no longer diet, we will eat to be healthy. We will not put ourselves down should we have something not as healthy as it could be. For example, so you have a couple of cookies, it's not the end of the world. Accept it and move on. And perhaps let's try moderation. Instead of a large bag of chips, let's eat a small bag, we'll get the taste and satisfy our craving. Moderation is a very good word.

Learn about food and nutrition. Both the Canadian and American governments have extensive information on nutrition. See article below for a brief breakdown.

Let's look at our weaknesses. Mine is that I hate cooking. I live alone and cooking for just me is no fun. So I would order food in a lot. And of course there is little take out food that is good for you. And it's expensive!! Now I have a personal chef. Doesn't that sound so la-ti-da and expensive. But you know . it's not. I am saving money. I was spending over $400 a month on take out and restaurants. Now I spend $200 every three weeks and get some wonderful meals that I'd never cook myself. My chef, Tim, comes every three weeks and spends the day cooking in my kitchen. He buys all the groceries needed and leaves my freezer full of wonderful things. He cooks 2-3 servings of five different meals. I just let one defrost overnight and then pop it in microwave and 5 minutes later I have a great meal. Faster than ordering in, much cheaper and much tastier. And he cooks based on your needs/wants. So he won't cook anything you don't like and for me he does low fat, low sodium meals.

Interested in hiring a personal chef? Check out the United States Personal Chef Association and click on "Find and Hire a Personal Chef" or for Canadians Canadian Personal Chef Association and click on "How do I hire a Personal Chef".

Eating Healthy

Instead of focusing on calories, let's focus on eating what is good for you and how to incorporate that into your daily life. Remember that without your health you have nothing. Eating healthy will not only help you lose or maintain weight but will ensure you meet your daily need for vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, reduce your risk of heart disease, certain types of cancer and osteoporosis and contribute to your overall health and vitality [1].

Recommended Servings Per Day - Female 19-50 years - based on Canada Food Guide [2]
Vegetables / Fruit7 - 8
Grain Products6 - 7
Milk and Alternatives2
Meat and Proteins2

When choosing foods think about the following:

Always read the labels. The US Food and Drug Administration have a good page detailing how to read and understand food labels (

Remember that the keyword is moderation.

[1] Canada's Food Guide - Food Guide Basics
[2] Canada's Food Guide - How Much Food You Need Every Day

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Weight Loss Surgery can be scary words or they can be words of hope. Most SSBBWs have thought of or had someone mention weight loss surgery. It's obviously not for everyone. There are SSBBWs who have accepted that they are large and always will be. There are some who like being large and don't want to change. And there are others who live day to day with pain, both physical and emotional, of carrying the extra weight that have various reasons for wanting to do something about it.

Everyone has a view on weight loss surgery be it good or bad or even neutral. Which is perfectly fine as we are all entitled to our opinions. One reader has made the decision to have weight loss surgery and will take us on her journey. What are your thoughts on weight loss surgery? Have you had weight loss surgery? Our forums are available for you to discuss and give your views on this topic.

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