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We continue with the on-going story, entitled "One Dream - One Day" written by Tara Sun. In the Chapter 2 we get to know a bit more about Sandy and her daily struggles.

Book Review

Fat White Vampire Blues by Andrew Fox (

Vampire, nosferatu, creature of the night-whatever you call him-Jules Duchon has lived (so to speak) in New Orleans far longer than there have been drunk coeds on Bourbon Street. Weighing in at a whopping 450 pounds, swelled up on the sweet, rich blood of people who consume the world's fattiest diet, Jules is thankful he can't see his reflection in a mirror. What's worse, he's watched his neighborhood truly go to hell-and now, a new vampire is looking to drive him out altogether. Jules must find a way to contend with the hurdles that life throws at him . . . without getting a stake through the heart. It's enough to give a man the blues.


Super size woman,
there's a name for her.
She walks down the street,
causing quite a stir.
Hips, thighs, belly, curves.
Would you approach her,
be the man with the nerve?
Eyes follow her,
they watch her walk.
You can bet as they stare,
there's sure to be talk.
Whispers around her,
she pretends she can't hear.
Never make eye contact,
living with fear.
To look them in the face
would be to see their scorn
They don't understand
this is how she was born.
Isn't she worth the tears she has shed?
The mornings she'll face each day with dread.
Isn't she worth the tears she will cry
As she sits alone watching life pass her by?
Super size woman for all the world to see
I look at her and all I see is me

Bren Richardson -FAs for Homebound SSBBW Yahoo group


When you look at me, what do you see
Do you see my inner beauty,
My compassion or wit
Or do you see that I'm fat and nothing more

When you look at me, what do you see
My twinkling eyes, my smile,
My love for reading
Or do you see that I'm fat and nothing more

When you look at me, what do you see
My passion for music,
My glee for cooking, my love of animals
Or do you see that I'm fat and nothing more

If all you see is my fat,
Then aren't you missing out,
On knowing the wonderful person inside?
When you look at me, what do you want to see?

S Carter - SSBBW

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