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Purchasing Clothing on eBay

For an SSBBW, eBay can be a great place to find inexpensive clothes that fit. Here we are going to list a number of sellers that sell large size clothing and give you a brief lesson on how to purchase from eBay.

Getting Started on eBay

First off, you need to be a registered user. This is a relatively painless process and it's free.

  1. Go to and click on "register" at the top of the page.
  2. Complete the relevant information (name, address, email, username, password, etc.) and click "continue".
  3. If you have a free email address (ie hotmail, yahoo, etc.) you MUST also register with credit card information. If you do not wish to do so, check out the "ID Verify" service available.

Now that you are registered you can start bidding on items. You can find items to bid on by either browsing or searching in eBay. To browse, simply click on a category in the left column of the home page. To search, enter a few words to describe the item in the Search box.

When you have found an item that interests you there are a few different types of methods to purchase. One is to go through the auction and the highest bidder will win the item or you may have the option to "Buy It Now". However, always remember to check out your seller before doing so. Read the user feedback for the seller and check their rating. Buyer beware is a good thing to remember. As well, check the shipping information, most sellers charge extra for shipping, and check the payment options available.

To bid on an item click on the "Place Bid" button, enter your maximum bid and continue. eBay will bid on your behalf upto your maximum bid so that you won't have to keep logging in to see where you stand.

Once the item is yours it's time to pay for it. Each seller may have different methods they accept. Always consider the method you use to determine if it is traceable, if you have proof of payment, is it fast, is it secure, etc. Common methods of payment are PayPal, credit cards or checks or money orders.

For more detailed information on buying on eBay visit

Below are just a few of the many ebay stores that sell plus-size clothing:

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