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This month's artist of the month is well-known in the BBW/SSBBW community - Ianardo. You can see a sampling of his artwork below or visit his website at

SSBBW Magazine: What is your name?

Artist: Ian Strange

SSBBW Magazine: How old are you?

Artist: Age: 41 years.

SSBBW Magazine: Where do you live?

Artist: Leicester, England.

SSBBW Magazine: What do you do?

Artist: Freelance artist, but also do sound recording and affiliate marketing.

SSBBW Magazine: How long have you been drawing?

Artist: Ever since my wee fingers were long enough to hold a wax crayon. Certainly by age 2 years.

SSBBW Magazine: How long have you been drawing BBWs/SSBBWs?

Artist: I've dabbled occasionally since I was a child, more so later on. But I had very limited photographic material to help me to practise drawing large ladies until I went online. Then BBW portraits really took off!

SSBBW Magazine: Why do you like drawing them?

Artist: This ties in closely with my admiration/preference for large ladies. Large ladies are more feminine in every aspect of their appearance. They also come a vast range of sizes and shapes, which means a huge scope of challenges for producing art (as well as the sheer pleasure). There is no standard female shape to reproduce in each portrait. Everyone is very individual. Added to that are the more usual challenges of portrait art, for capturing likeness and character. I don't try to hide a lady's size, but rather show how she looks through the soppy eyes of an admirer who swoons in the presence of such real beauty :)

SSBBW Magazine: What is the main goal of your website, other than the obvious of showcasing your art?

Artist: Although it started mainly as a commercial exercise, it has become a way to get people to take BBW/SSBBW admiration seriously. The large ladies themselves, who often feel better for viewing the images and captions. The admirers whose jaws hit the floor after seeing so much sensational beauty in one place. Also, other people who might finally believe that FAs exist, since nobody would go to such lengths to draw these ladies if he did not really admire them intensely. Plus art lovers who, perhaps, had not thought about the subject-matter before.

SSBBW Magazine: What else would you like our readers to know about you or your art?

Artist: There is so much feminine beauty in the world and not enough time to draw it all! But I hope that the drawings I have done, bring pleasure, and I am always happy to hear from fans who aren't planning on buying. When I hear from ladies who feel uplifted by my art, I feel as though I have paid something back for all the pleasure I get simply from seeing lovely cuddly ladies everywhere.

Ianardo also does commission work...

If you are a lady with curves and softness, then why not commission a portrait of yourself by an artist who specialises in bringing out the full beauty of plus sized ladies? All portraits are done in coloured pencils which lend themselves well to the soft textures of the subjects, and also help to keep down the fees. Even so, these are highly detailed fine-art portraits. Perhaps you are a gentleman with a large and lovely lady in your life and would like an image of her to treasure? Maybe you are an admirer of BBWs who would like a life-like drawing of your dream lady? Then definately check out his fees and procedures.

A Sampling of Ianardo's Work


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