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We continue with the on-going story, entitled "One Dream - One Day" written by Tara Sun. In the Chapter 5 we find out more about the secret admirer.

The Nightmare

The night was cold, and strangely silent. The dampness of the wet grass underfoot swept deep into her bones and she shivered uncontrollably. Her feet moved slowly, one after the other, the movements unconscious, as she walked down the narrow trail. Ducking her head now and then beneath hanging branches, their leafless appendages grotesque in the night.

Another shiver; another step. Eyes continuously wandering from side to side, glancing warily at the shadows surrounding her. A sound. What was that? Merely one of the forest animals that hunt at night or perhaps ….. “No!”, she cried out surprised at the strength of her voice. “I will not be scared, I will not….”, her words stopped abruptly as a howl close behind her sends her running down the trail. Her hair flowing behind her, her face a mask of terror. It’s close behind her….she stumbles and falls. Her face in the wet leaves along the path, the smell of their mildew mingled with the stench of her fear and something worse. A hot foul breath on her face and she screams.…

Kathy wakes up with a start, her eyes wide with terror. As her mind assesses the situation and she realizes she is in her bed. Breathing slows. Sweat on her forehead begins to evaporate. Mind churns. A dream? Perhaps, but it seemed so real. Kathy turns her head and looks at her husband, Michael, sleeping peacefully beside her. She smiles and her fears fade. “Of course it was a dream, how silly of me,” she thinks to herself. She chuckles and turns over pulling the covers up under her chin, hiding the dead leave stuck to her nightdress.

The radio is blaring some old rock and roll song and the children are fighting over the last box of apple juice. Kathy flicks some strands of hair from her face and yells at them to be quiet. She looks up and smiles as Michael walks into the kitchen, her heart fluttering as she again thinks how good looking he is, especially with his hair still damp from the shower. “Morning darling! Coffee’s made,” she almost sings with happiness.

“Hi Daddy!,” yell the kids simultaneously as they run up to him for their morning hug, the box of apple juice forgotten. Michael smiles and ruffles their hair, “Morning kids, I see the closet monster didn’t get you again”. The children giggle and shiver dramatically, glancing towards their mother. “Michael! You’ll scare them and give them nightmares,” she says shaking her head, her mind going back to her own nightmare just a few hours before.

The children laugh again and rush to get their coats on. As Kathy walks towards them with their lunch boxes ready she sees a dead leaf on the floor. “Strange,” she thinks as she bends down to pick it up, “I wonder where that came from”. Michael and the children are looking at her funny and she laughs and shrugs off the sense of foreboding and tosses the leaf into the garbage.

The night is cold, the dampness of the wet grass underfoot makes her shiver uncontrollably. She moves slowly, ducking her head now and then beneath hanging branches. A sound. What was that? A howl close behind her! In panic she runs through the trees, damp leaves flying up from the impact of her feet and then…she trips. Scrabbling with her hands as something grabs her leg and pulls. A scream as sharp teeth tear into her thigh. More pain as more teeth sink into her flesh. Looking up she sees the face and a sense of relief sweeps over her. Michael! He’ll save her but wait…his mouth…blood…a scream as she realizes it’s her blood. The last thing she hears is the children giggling as they feast.

Sue Carter -SSBBW

Book Review
WINNING AFTER LOSING - Keep Off the Weight You've Lost - Forever - Stacey Halprin

Struggling with her weight for decades, Stacey Halprin eventually won the battle and lost over 350 pounds. But after gastric bypass surgery and one diet after another, she realized that the most difficult part isn't losing the weight--it's keeping it off. Now, for the 90% of dieters who have lost weight only to gain it back, Stacey presents her unique program that will keep the pounds off permanently--whether you've lost 15, 25, or 50 pounds. Complete with expert advice from medical doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, and fitness gurus, WINNING AFTER LOSING reveals the secrets that will finally put an end to self-sabotaging habits and yo-yo dieting. This is an inspirational, motivational guide that shows readers how to maintain and truly enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

I've been watching Stacey on Oprah for a long time now and watching her journey and seeing someone I can relate to. I ordered her book and just after reading the preface I knew this would be different. This is someone that has actually been where I am and felt what I feel. She understands.

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