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We start our first issue off with Chapter 1 of an on-going story, entitled "One Dream - One Day" written by Tara Sun. In the first chapter we are introduced to Sandra, a lonely and struggling SSBBW and her pursuit of love and happiness.


I asked God one day, what was wrong with me.
There’s something that it has to be, He answered promptly.

"Dear God," I began, with my face hung down.
He answered back, "Why the frown?"

"Why," may I ask, "did you make me this way?"

"What way is that?

What are you trying to say"
"My body, Dear lord, My face, it`s too square.

They are the wrong color, my eyes and my hair.
My hips are too wide, my belly to round.
When I look at my feet, I can`t see the ground.
My thighs are so thick, my feet, they stick out.
My fingers, my toes, they are big as a trout.
That`s not all, there`s hair on my face.
My eyes are too close, they`re in the wrong place.

I`m loud sometimes, and bossy too boot,
sometimes I wish I was just born a mute."
The Lord, he just chuckled, as if it was funny,

"Dear Child, you will learn, that`s more than plenty.
You’re hair and your eyes, those things don’t matter.
It’s the size of your heart, and not if you get fatter.
You have the gifts, that I’ve given to you.

To cheer up your friends when they’re feeling blue.
You make people laugh, and forget all their sorrows.
Those are the things, that make more tomorrows.

Your children and family, I put in your care.
Those are the reasons, that I put you there.
You`re smart and you’re witty, people love you.
Why can’t you seem to love yourself too?"
I thought a minute, not sure what to say,
then into my mind popped events of the day.

"They laugh at me, you know, people who see me,
they think its funny but it hurts, can’t they see?
I`ve tried everything, to be as they say,
small and thin, in a petite way."

The Lord he looked at me, with a curious grin.
He said with a smirk, "Who said thin was in?

I made you perfect, the way that you are.
Those magazines and models, they take it too far.
I made you bigger, cause that’s who you are.
There’s nothing small about you my child.
You are too grand to fit those things they call in.
To say you are grand is still putting it mild.
You have a big heart, so full of love.
You have deep emotions, no one can deny.
You do things largely, everything with pride,
you`re thoughts, your ideas, even tears you cry.
I made you big, that is a fact.
I made you like me.
Don`t forget that.

You are too special to define,
and even harder to confine."

Author Unknown

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