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Information and rants about living in the real world as anSSBBW

As SSBBWs, we live in a world built for smaller people. Each day we face challenges to fit in, or even to just fit. While education and information are powerful tools, our best resource is each other. Let us know your tips or rants about this subject at

Being Large in a Small World …

Ever wondered what it’s like to be large in a small-minded world? Or are you large and wondering if you are the only one who thinks as you do? Well, read on …

Restaurants - when a friend or business acquaintance says “let’s go out for lunch (or dinner)” the worry starts …

Public Bathrooms

And of course there is always the snickering and staring from people. I guess they think we don’t have feelings or they just don’t care. I try to get back at them and look at them with the same look of disgust they have on their face. It makes them feel uncomfortable.

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