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Unfortunately Chapter 6 of our on-going story, entitled "One Dream - One Day" written by Tara Sun was not received in time for publication. We encourage you to re-read the first five chapters though.

Pat Ballard, Author

Pat Ballard writes romance novels and short stories with Big Beautiful Heroines to show that plus-size women are just as sexy, romantic, and exciting as their slim sisters.

"For as long as I can remember," she says, "I loved 'making up' my own stories. And being the oldest of six children, and next to the oldest of 25 grandchildren, I had a lot of practice spinning my yarns 'on request.'

"I learned to love romance novels after discovering author Emilie Loring. I collected and read every book I could find by her. I knew that this was the type of book I wanted to write.

"My wonderful sisters, Ellen and Jerri, became weary of hearing me say I was going to 'write a book,' so one day they approached me with a pen and spiral notebook and said, 'do it.'

"So thanks to them, I wrote my first novella. And in doing so, I proved to myself that I could.

"After I decided to stop the self-destructive fad diets that I had lived on since the age of eleven, and accept myself as who I was born to be, I set about to write romance novels with Big Beautiful Heroines.

"But the books aren't just for plus-size women. The message is for all women to love ourselves as we are and stop trying to be something we were never meant to be."

Pat lives and writes in Nashville, TN. Click here for more info on her books.

Her last book, "The Best Man" was just released this May. "Romantic suspense from the Queen of Rubenesque Romances. Sparks fly the night Lana Clarke meets to plan her sister's wedding--and not just because curvaceous Lana announces she's stopped dieting and doesn't care if she's fat as maid of honor. The strong-willed sister of the bride attracts the attention of the groom's devastatingly handsome best man, Anthony Angelino. But when the sparks become flames, Lana's in trouble. Tony's first wife died mysteriously. Will Lana be next?" Click here for an exerpt from the book.

Also try out "Dangerous Curves Ahead: Short Stories" - Ten romantic tales pack suspense and sizzle into a collection of contemporary short stories featuring ample heroines by the Queen of Rubenesque Romances, Pat Ballard. A healthy serving of entertainment and reminder that love comes in all sizes.

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