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One Dream - One Day

by Tara Sun

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Next morning came bright and early. Sandy opened her eyes and looked at the clock beside her bed, its green numbers staring brilliantly at her. Eight thirty already. Sandy groaned and pulled herself out of bed.

Two hours later she had eaten breakfast, showered, made up her hair, put on her makeup and dressed in some clothes she felt good in. She sat on the couch working up the courage to go to the bank. Sighing heavily she got up and headed out the door. The elevator was empty and she easily made her way to the front of the building. Looking up at the sun she smiled and took a deep breath. It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky. The birds were singing and the flowers were fragrant. Sandy began walking slowly down the street towards the bank. At the corner she came to the bus stop and sat down on the seat panting slightly. Her feet, knees and back were starting to ache slightly. She didn’t mind the walk so much on days like this though, it was pleasant to sit and take in the glorious day. Winter was much harder, especially when it was slippery.

Standing up, Sandy continued down the block and walked into the bank and looked around. Not too many people but there were a few who looked at her as she got into line. And then she caught her breath. There he was standing at one of the tellers. With his back to her she could take in his wide shoulders and tight buttocks. Then he turned around and noticed her staring at him and he smiled. Was he laughing at her? Oh lord, how awful. Did she have something stuck in her teeth? Blushing, she quickly took her place at an empty teller. A few seconds later she glanced around but he had already left.

Stepping out of the bank she again looked up at the sun and smiled, feeling it’s warmth on her face. She made her way to the bus stop and sat for another rest. Across the street a couple of teenagers stopped on their skateboards and snickered to each other. She gave them what she called “the evil eye” and cursed them with weight gain and struggled off the seat. Two doors down was the grocery store and she stopped in to pick up a few things. At the cash she saw Gary was bagging the groceries. He looked up at her and grinned, “Hey Sandy, you’re looking good today.”

“Thanks Gary. I had to go to the bank.”

Gary was her neighbor and friend, “There’s a Star Trek movie on tomorrow night Sandy, wanna come over and watch it with me?”

Paying for her groceries, Sandy grabbed the bags from Gary and said, “You bet! I’ll cook dinner too. See you at 6.”

By the time Sandy got to her apartment door she was breathless and her feet were killing her. But she stopped short when she saw a small bag with a big yellow happy face hanging on the doorknob. Looking around and not seeing anyone, she pulled the bag off and unlocked the door. Trudging into the kitchen she put away her groceries, grabbed a can of diet coke and a Cadbury Thins and sat down on the couch with the bag.

Hesitantly, she opened the bag and saw a small rose and a piece of paper. She took them out and unfolded the note, “I’ve seen you around for ages and think you are beautiful. I like the way you walk. Your smile lights up my day. Take this rose as my appreciation for you.”

Gasping, Sandy held the rose and sniffed. Who sent this? It was beautiful, but wait it must be a joke. Or was it? Maybe it was from Gary. She’d ask him tomorrow night. Wow, could this be real? A secret admirer?

That night Sandy slept and dreamt well.

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