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We continue with the on-going story, entitled "One Dream - One Day" written by Tara Sun. In the Chapter 3 we get to know a bit more about Sandy and her daily struggles.

Book Review

Are You Fat? A Poetry Collection Embracing the Beauty of Plus-Sized Women by Phil Moore (

This is a book of poetry, that is a reflection of the author's feelings and experiences as a man who adores fat women. After many many struggles, he decided that he wanted to share his experiences with the hope of helping other men and to encourage and uplift women of size. "Plus-size women need to know they are just as beautiful, sexy and desirable as thin women," he says. "There are a lot of men who admire the plus-size woman, and they need to know that there is no shame in being attracted to or being in love with a fat lady. Society needs to know that the way they have been treating and discriminating against fat people is wrong, causes a lot of emotional pain and is unacceptable." Phil is very happily married to an SSBBW and has 2 wonderful children.

These poems are very uplifting and inspiring. The poet has taken great lengths to understand the feelings of SSBBWs. Whether it is a poem about the way family or society treats us or even settling for the wrong guy, he ends the poem with strength and motivation to believe in yourself. In his intro it states, "Get a little taste of some of the daily struggles that plus size women have and the ain they have to go through." But I have to say that it's a huge taste. He has really delved into our true feelings almost as if he has experienced them himself. Some of the poems I could identify with were "Never Been Out", "Take Advantage", "Hey I'm Fat", "I Hate Myself" and "Bars of Fat".

This book is also a good read for FAs with a number of poems written from the FA point of view including "Let Me Love You", "Ashamed", "Reflection", "One Romantic Night" and "Loving the Fat Life".

This book is a must read for all SSBBWs and FAs especially on those days when we need extra inspiration and encouragement. As the back of the book says "Yes! You most certainly are Fantastic Attractive and Terrific!"

Below are two of his poems:

What is sexy?

What is sexy?
Fat is oh too sexy!
It is a hundred times better than ecstasy.
It is not only your size that pleases;
Oh, your curves how they appeases.
Yes, big girls are mighty nice!
They can cook a mean pot of rice.

Yes, I love your body size!
It makes the man inside of me rise.
Oh, how my hands love to caress,
Your big and voluptuous breasts.
I love to lean against your full-size belly,
It is smooth and firm like jelly.
Your legs so thick and oh so plum!
Makes my muscles go "rupa, tom-tom!"

Oh, I love the way your body glides!
I must have you as my bride.
The softness of your gentle touch,
Make me want you, oh so much!
The warmth of your embrace,
Makes my heart beat like I just ran a race.

I love to lean upon your chest,
And let my hands roam and caress.
In your softness and tenderness I find,
Relaxing vibes that sooth my mind.
I love your mind, big body and soul.
You make me feel complete and whole.
And when you rub your hand on mine,
It sends tingling sensations down my spine.
I don't need wine to get me into mood,
Your fatness has already gotten me in the groove.
I love to feel your weight on me,
And make passionate love from six to three.

That's nine hours if you can count,
Big girls require love in large amounts.
Passionate love is what you need;
The stamina of a stallion steed.
Romance with affection and dinner with wine;
With big girls you've got to take your time.

Don't let the lust make you rush,
This is not a simple childhood crush.
You have to take it slow; there is a lot to do.
Plenty of places to kiss and touch too!
Don't worry you won't have to do all the work,
She'll set you on fire, like you just tasted jerk.

The intense and passionate love that I feel,
Has me begging for your fat appeal.
Your body and passion rocks my world,
Sparks fly as our bodies entangle in an embracing twirl
You make my muscle firm and my toes curl.
That's why, what is sexy is a big girl!

Don't believe all the rumors that you hear,
Making love to you big girl will make me swear.
Fat is sexy and does entice!
It adds to sex vigor, gusto and spice.
Fat is sexy! Don't you forget it!
Fat is sexy! Come on admit it!

Why Do You Like Big Girls?

I get these questions all the time,
Why do you like the fat kind?
Why do you stray from the norm?
Why are you attracted to the fat form?

Why don't you like girls that are slender and slim?
Why don't you like girls that resemble Little Kim?
Why do you like girls that are so big?
What is it about them that you dig?

I don't know what people expect me to say;
My heavenly Father created me this way.
People never ask, "Why you like thin girls?"
Who made slim the standard for the whole world?

God created slim and big women all precious in His sight.
If you love a big girl; it's not wrong, it's alright!
Variety is the spice of life so pick what you like.
If your preference is for big girls, that's dynamite!

All the girls that God created are beautiful.
God hates lying lips, so I must be truthful.
When God created big girls He had me in mind.
Big girls are sexy, sassy, feisty and kind.

God gave me the desire for the voluptuous size.
I can't argue with God, because He is all wise.
Big girls are so special, appealing and unique.
They take my breath away, I can hardly speak.

They have personalities that are humble, and sweet.
They are the nicest people you'll ever meet.
I love the big body and I'm not the only male.
They take my breath away, I can't wait to exhale.

Of all God's women, big girls are my preference.
You want to know why? Take some notes for your reference.
I love big girls and I'm not ashamed or shy.
Big girls are the sexiest; I'm going to tell you why.

Big bodies have an alluring, captivating elegance;
Lots of comfort and tenderness that adds to the romance.
A voluptuous figure is so juicy to hold.
Oh, the joyous warmth when the weather gets cold.

A rotund body is so soft and smooth;
One sight, one touch gets me in the mood.
A pudgy stomach is so supple and sleek;
Sparks fly when my lips and her plump lips meet.

One kiss from her luscious lips brings me to my knees.
Her generously proportioned body I love to squeeze.
That corpulent outline is, oh so divine!
It renews my soul, my body and mind.

A chubby chest is an angelic caress.
If you have a big girl you are truly bless.
I love big girls even though they are overweight.
It adds to the pleasure when we get intimate.

Their look, their feel has such sex appeal.
My desire for big girls can not be concealed.
So soft, so silky, so tender to the touch;
I love to fondle and cuddle her much.

I cherish the moments when we embrace.
No other woman can take a big girls place.
But most important of all I tend to find,
Big girls are so amorous, generous and kind.

They're not as fussy as other girls are;
They shine like the stars, but keep trouble far.
They are so forgiving and bashful at times,
They'll stand by you through the good and bad times.

They'll take care of you when you are sick,
Make the most delicious soups, the pot you'll want to lick!
They won't sell you out for a nickel or a dime.
I'm so happy to have a big girl that's truly mine!

They are friendly and so much fun to be around.
They can make you smile when you're feeling down.
They know where to find the best food and drinks,
So don't prejudge big girls, before you speak, think!

Fat girls are attractive and fantastic,
There are so many things about them that are terrific.
Their character is gentle, affectionate and unique.
I just love their enchanting bounteous physique!

So now you know why big girls rock!
Close your mouth and don't look shocked!
Now you know why big girls are so irresistible,
Now you know why big girls are so incredible.

Now you know why I love girls with weight,
I hope this set the record straight!

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